Who is Kojo for?


Mainly for those who have digestive problems such as bloating and cramps and for those who want to increase their immune system.


Busy moms and professional women who are achievement oriented, but more often than not feeling exhausted and depleted at the end of the day or during stressful times. They want to feel healthy and look great while juggling a family life and career.


Picky eaters, overeaters and those with eating disorders. Deficiency in major nutrients required by the human body will affect our overall health. Kojo's green natural ingredients can restore and balance the health of the body.

Who is it for? — Kojo


Good health begins in your gut

The intestine is known as the second brain of the human body. Unlike any other organs, it can operate independently. It does not need to follow the instructions of the brain and give orders on its own.


Your digestive system (or gut health) has a direct impact on your overall health.


We rely on our digestive systems to extract vitamins and nutrients from the food we eat.


An unhealthy digestive tract can affect many other parts of the body and even the brain.


Gut health and beautiful skin are also inextricably linked.

Which means, good health and good looks begin with Kojo! It has all the natural ingredients you need to maintain a healthy digestive system in one pack.

Why is it essential? — Kojo


Bifidobacterium Longum Russell -175

A multifunctional probiotic that can improve the intestinal environment Effectively regulates the gastrointestinal tract, improves immunity, and prevents infectious diseases (70% of immune cells live in the intestine) Promotes the body's anti-allergy function


Natural water-soluble fiber extracted from chicory root First choice for healthy dietary fiber Controls and balances blood index Increases the number of probiotics and promotes intestinal health Keeps the digestive system at its best Reduces calories and helps control weight Enhances metabolic function

Soluble Dietary Fibre

Source of natural fibre Contributes to the digestive comfort for digestive health Natural intestinal transit

Bifidogenic – Prebiotics

Balances your well-being Helps to maintain a healthy intestinal system Helps to fight harmful bacteria
Key Ingredients — Kojo

Walnut Peptide

Repairs cell metabolism, nourishes brain cells to enhance their functions, improves memory Replenishes myocardial cells, detoxes blood, reduces cholesterol, and removes fatty deposits that clog the blood vessels for better blood circulation Helps with the treatment of non-insulin dependent diabetes Prevents arteriosclerosis, promotes white blood cells, protects liver, hydrates the lungs, and promotes black hair Prevents free radical damage and hydrates the intestines to prevent heatiness and constipation Prevents cardiovascular diseases, especially for people over 45 years old Improves quality of sleep Research reports that adding protein peptide to sports drinks, especially plant-based protein peptide helps athletes to produce explosive power and extraordinary speed. The function of walnut protein peptide in particular has positive effects on the performance of sportsmen.
Walnut Peptide — Kojo


Contains high water-soluble natural plant fiber Very effective in promoting metabolism Helps burn more calories, reduces calories, helps control weight Maintains the best balance of intestinal flora and protects the health of the intestines and stomach Keeps blood sugar stable Reduces cholesterol Improves immunity Maintains normal bowel movements Reduces the risk of cancer
Nutriose — Kojo

Collagen Peptide

Reduces inflammation Promotes cartilage lubrication Protects cartilages from degeneration of wear and tear Highly digestible and higher absorption rate by the body.

Why collagen peptide is important

Collagen is the most abundant type of protein in the human body, accounting for 1/3 of the total protein in the body. Its function is to maintain the structure and condition of the skin and tissues. 70% of human skin components are composed of collagen. Our ingredient is a collagen peptide - a small molecule active peptide made by hydrolysis process from collagen, which can be directly absorbed by the body. It is superior to protein and collagen and more effective in terms of absorption and targeting effect.
Collagen Peptide — Kojo



Barley Grass

Inhibits the intestinal absorption of cholesterol to lower its level

Protects our tissue cells from carcinogens


Spirulina Extract

Rich in vitamins and minerals to increase the nutrition intake and physical energy

Promotes the growth of intestinal flora with probiotics effects


Lotus Leaf Extract

Effectively restrain the absorption of carbohydrates and fats

Promotes metabolism, good for slimming and detoxification of the body


Ashitaba Leaf

High antioxidants, helps fight aging and fighst free radicals that damage cells

High vitamin B12, improves central nervous system

Promotes weight loss, reduces stomach fat

Blood detox

Helps digestion

Increases metabolism

Strengthens the immune system


Organic Chlorella

Increases body’s natural detoxification ability to remove harmful substances

Strengthens the immune system to produce antibodies against foreign invaders in the body


Alfafa Grass

Rich in chlorophyll, iron and vitamin K to optimises the blood system effectively

Rich in vitamin A and enzymes to boost skin texture, radiance and firmness

The power of green

Green is one of the elements of Wuxing: Wood. It is part of the Chinese conception of the Five Elements Theory.

Leaf — Kojo


Our product's technology

We use the cryogenic vacuum distillation technology for the water extraction from the plants. A reduced-pressure (vacuum) distillation is performed at a reduced pressure, below 100 celsius, so that the efficacy won’t be compromised. High temperatures are not desirable as the compounds may decompose.


Maximizes the effectiveness of the ingredients


Increases bioavailability (the ability to be absorbed and used by the body)


Strengthens the probiotic survival rate

Product's Technology — Kojo

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