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What are the services or products that Shaneo Global provided?

Shaneo Global is a company specializing in providing health and beauty products that are specifically formulated to meet and complement your needs and active lifestyle. Our products are carefully developed to improve your overall health and wellbeing.


How can I purchase your product?

Our products are sold online and you will be able to purchase through our official website at You can also get to purchase the products directly from our appointed agents and representatives.


When will my order ship and how long will it takes for me to receive my order?

Your order will be shipped once the order and transaction are successfully approved. You will receive your product within 3 – 5 business days upon confirmation of your purchase.


What are the methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all payments through the official online payment gateway of Shaneo Global – Credit Card (Visa/Master), Online Banking (FPX) and Debit Card (Visa/Master) as well as (UnionPay).


Is there any logistic or additional charges for my order?

No. There will be no logistic or additional charges imposed on our customers who purchase in Malaysia. However, for international shipping, charges may apply accordingly based on the current logistic rates.


Can I cancel my order after I have placed and confirmed my purchase?

To ensure our quick shipping policy of delivering within 3 to 5 business days, your order cannot be canceled once it is placed, shipped, or while in transit to the customer.


What is your return policy?

All products sold are non-refundable nor returnable after confirmation of purchase. However, in the event of damaged or defective products (i.e. – broken sachets, leaking and etc.), we will do a product exchange for you. This exchange must be made within 7 days of your receipt of the product and customers are responsible for the exchange shipping. Please contact us at for more information.


Is my personal data and information secure?

All your personal data and information provided and collected is strictly private and confidential for the use of Shaneo Global only. Your personal data is protected under strict encryption software and the highest security standard and we are committed to protecting your privacy under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 of Malaysia (PDPA).


How is my personal data and information used?

Shaneo Global will keep confidential all personal data and information collected through our website and social media pages and solely used for any commercials or businesses transactions only. We are committed to take reasonable steps to protect your Personal Data against unauthorised disclosure to any third parties.

Your personal data and information will be retained for as long as the purposes for which such data is collected or used continues. However, it will be destroyed or permanently deleted if it is no longer required for those purposes, unless it is required to be kept in our records for legal, compliance and/or accounting purposes.


Do you offer a subscription services for your customers?

Yes. We will be offering subscription services and special promotions to our valued customers from time to time. You can subscribe to our newsletter and visit our website at for more information on the upcoming announcement.

What is Kojo?

Kojo is a digestive enzyme product that helps the body in breaking down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates into smaller molecules that our guts are capable of absorbing. These enzyme helps to absorb the nutrients from the foods and drinks we take and turn it into energy that may be utilized by the body for various biological processes.


What are the ingredients of Kojo?

Kojo is a Japanese word for “plant” and as the name implies, it is made of 100% natural fruits and plants based ingredients that are targeted to improve the digestive system of our body. Please refer to our product page for more information in regards to the ingredients list and nutritional facts of KOJO Mixed Enzyme.


What are the benefits of taking Kojo?

  • Improve your digestion and healthy gut
  • Help the absorption of the nutrients from your daily intake effectively and prevent nutritional deficiency
  • Boost your immune system and overall health
  • Improve your energetic level
  • Increase your metabolism rate
  • Prevent unwanted weight-gain problems
  • Prevent accumulation of unwanted substances and fats in our body (undigested foods and drinks etc.)
  • May lower and reduce inflammation
  • May promote healing and speedy recovery of wounds
  • Help to improve Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) such as bloating, gas, constipation, and abdominal pain.


Who should take Kojo?

Poor digestive health is commonly related to:

  • People who easily gain weight from daily intake of foods and drinks
  • People who experienced constipation, gas, bloating, and abdominal pain
  • People who often experienced fatigue and low energy
  • Malnutrition (lack of nutrients)
  • People who have poor skin health
  • People who often suffer from pain and discomfort (inflammation)
  • Weak immune system
  • People who experienced a slow healing process (wounds)


How should I take and consume Kojo?

Kojo is recommended to take once daily after lunch OR before sleep. It is advisable to drink plenty of water after taking KOJO Mixed Enzyme for optimum efficacy.


Is Kojo safe for children to consume?

Kojo is recommended for customers who are 12 years old and above.


Who should avoid taking Kojo?

Generally, the digestive enzyme is safe for anyone to take. However, for precautionary purposes, please consult your professional healthcare if you are pregnant or breastfeeding before taking the enzyme.


What are the common side effects of taking Kojo?

There are no major or reported side effects of taking digestive enzyme.


Can Kojo be taken long-term?

Yes, Kojo can be taken on a long-term basis as it is a digestive enzyme product which is aims to help and promote the digestion of foods and drinks which found naturally in our body.


Is Kojo a register product in Malaysia?

Yes, Kojo is classified as a food product category under the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH). It is also accredited and certified by:

  • Good Manufacturing Process (GMP)
  • MESTI certified under Food Hygiene Regulation 2009.
  • HAACP certified, an internationally recognized system for reducing the risk of safety hazard in food.
  • ISO 9001, an international standard for quality management system (QMS).

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